Zinc to help you NOT get sick!


Ever wondered if there is something out there to help you NOT get sick?

Introducing ZINC!

How? Zinc functions as an intracellular signal molecule for immune cells.

AKA – it helps your immune system team members work better together! 

Who? EVERYONE! This has been supported in various studies using adults, children and elderly! Those that take zinc get sick less often.

What do you consider sickness? Zinc has been shown most effective to help against the common cold (respiratory infections).

What if I am already feeling ill? Zinc can also help you feel better faster if you do get sick! Recent studies say zinc can help you feel better faster even when compared to supplementing with vitamin C!

What else can zinc help with? Added bonuses and other uses included – skin remodeling and repair & prostate health.

Williams Chiropractic has ZINC supplements in stock all year round – 100 tasty citrus chewables for $19.  See you soon!